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June 23, 2005
"How I Got Here," by David Yazbek:
Now, this is a must read. Click here for the full story.


June 16, 2005
New Show, New Album, New Web Page, Lots of Links:
So, David Yazbek calls us and turns out, he's got a 2nd Tony Award Nomination, for the smash Broadway hit "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels." Being the label scum that we are, we quickly decided to capitalize by releasing a best-of collection, "Tape Recorder: Greatest Hits." We even got him to record a new song, "Breeze Off The River," for us.

Some interesting things should be happening with Yazbek, this album, and his show this year, and if we can figure out .php, we'll let you know about them here. The new album's coming out August 2nd, but you can buy it now, right here.