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What Are Records is proud to announce a series of artist interviews conducted by the fans.

If it wasn’t enough being voted Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” we are now giving “You” the chance to pick the brains of your favorite What Are Records artists. Here is your chance to ask all the hard hitting (or not so much) questions conventional journalists might have skipped over.

First up is The Whitest Kids U’ Know, the sketch comedy troupe/cult heroes/fuse tv stars from New York. The Whitest Kids U’ Know premiered their 10 episode series on fuse tv on March 20th to rave reviews. Coinciding with the premiere of their TV show was the release of their debut album, a taboo breaking collection of skits and songs that puts them at the forefront of the modern comedic landscape.

Anything goes with these questions. Want to know what Darren eats for breakfast or Sam’s thoughts on the relevance of NATO after the end of the cold war, or Timmy’s favorite Danzig album? Ask away. Submit your questions by emailing interview@WhatAreRecords.com with the subject "Whitest Kids".

You have until May 15th to submit your questions. Then keep an eye on this page for answers from Zach, Timmy, Darren, Sam and Trevor. Or be notified directly from our RSS feed!