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"The Swayback is sexy, loud, medieval, a bit dangerous, a bit playful, and a bit strange.
Merging the dark, spacious atmosphere of Joy Division with psychedelic fuzz and Detroit-derived noise, Denver's Swayback find an uncommon middle ground between moody post-punk and anarchic proto-punk. Dark as anything to come out of Manchester's suicidal singers minds, yet powerful enough to hold its own in a biker bar, The Swayback forges a much needed and incredibly unlikely bridge between Londons Bat Cave era and Detroit Rock City."

These are some of the quotes that have appeared in print to describe the Denver, Colorado based music outfit, the Swayback. These descriptions hint at the elusive and evolving sound of the Swayback. Called at times punk, post-punk, modern and neo-psychedelic, the Swayback have crafted a sound that is dark, a bit loud but melodic, moody and thoughtful. Driven by a wild energy seen in the band's live performances, and anchored in Kerouacian lyrics and succinct song structure, the Swayback themselves put it like this:

"It's always been our intention to be completely open to what comes out and not put any limitation on what we do because we love everything that has soul or movement."

Swayback has shared the stage with:
Gang of Four. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Louis XIV. The Von Bondies. Secret Machines. International Noise Conspiracy. The Raveonettes. The Bronx. Dead Meadow. Hella. Comets On Fire. The Hold Steady. Mclusky. Hot Hot Heat. Lawrence Arms. High On Fire. The Willowz. Weird War. Pretty Girls Make Graves. The Warlocks. Moving Units. The Briefs. Wesley Willis. Lucero. Division of Laura Lee. Burning Brides. The Modey Lemon. The Detroit Cobras. Vaux. Kill Me Tomorrow. The Locust. Your Enemies Friends. Pansy Division. Fear Before The March Of Flames. +aBuncha OtherRadbands