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January 05, 2005

Hybrid Magazine review of "Very Best Of.."
Colorado has always been proud of its unique and diverse musical climate, and one of the finest bands to ever come out of the scene was Boulder's The Samples. During the late 80's and early 90's, Sean Kelly and company released some of the finest, and most environmentally friendly music around. They even went to great lengths to create packaging for their CDs that was more eco-conscious. Fusing rock, pop, and reggae together into a ultra-friendly fusion of sound, the band was quick to find a unique niche. I can still remember working at Sound Warehouse and selling copies of it as the new Sting album. We turned a ton of people onto The Samples, and I'm glad that we did, because this band has always been better than any solo Sting record. I stand behind it.

This collection is a very comprehensive look at the first few years of the Samples, including a few tracks (on the DVD) from various members' solo outings of the early 90's. And let me assure you, there isn't a sleeper in the bunch. From the very first eponymous release, which is well documented here, to 1994's Autopilot, this is a supreme collection, excellent to remind fans of why they loved the band so sincerely and to bring new fans into the fold, as well. "Feel Us Shaking" is still as poignant today as it was way back in the 80's - even more so in light of recent world events. The Samples were always wearing their environmental conscience on their sleeves, and there are a ton of world-support songs here. But also included are some of those famous Sean Kelly love songs. My personal favorite, "Little Silver Ring" is here, as is "Water Rush" and "Only To You".

 The included second disc is a DVD featuring five of the bands videos, bonus downloadable MP3s, and some fine live recordings… as well as the aforementioned solo tracks.

 The W.A.R.? What are Records? Era of Samples music will always stand as the classic example of what is possible from four bright young men making conscious music. And this is without a doubt, the brightest of the bunch. Never again will the world see the chemistry that existed between Sean, Jeep, Andy and Al… back before the drug problems, the attitude problems, and the infighting. This is classic Samples. Pure. Fresh. Perfect.
-Embo Blake

December 16, 2004
All Music Guide has their say..
Chronicling The Samples first five years, this best of counts seventeen of the Colorado outfit's finest early numbers. Steered by Sean Kelly, the Jam Band movement's answer to Sting, this compilation launches with what still may be the group's most memorable tune, "Feel Us Shaking," an expansive, reggae-tinged homage to environmentalism. A similar vibe permeates "My Town" and "Waited Up," tunes that almost measure up to the set-opener. Glistening, damn near inspirational numbers like "Little Silver Ring" and "Did You Ever Look So Nice" prove what a fine pop band the group became, even if the mainstream music world wasn't listening. An important reminder that before Dave Matthews and Big Head Todd & The Monsters, The Samples were out there paving the way as far as underground college rock bands go. For some, this is an enjoyable bit of nostalgia -- housing a bonus DVD with four videos, a documentary and additional audio tracks -- but for those looking to catch up, this is an exhilarating place to start.

December 08, 2004
The Daily Camera's "Boulder@Night" section reviews "VBO"
 THE SAMPLES - Very Best Of The Samples: 1989-1994 (What Are Records?)
...The Samples are often wrongly remembered as the band that started Boulder's fascination with world beat-infused noodly jam rock; Very Best Of tells a different story. The reggae beats that added life to early tunes such as "My Town" and "Waited Up" were more Police than Leftover Salmon, and by the time the Samples released albums such as 1992's No Room and 1993's Last Drag (and songs such as "14th and Euclid," "Did You Ever Look So Nice" and "Water Rush") it had evolved into a thoughtful pop band that, had its timing been different, could have given groups such as Counting Crows or Dave Matthews Band a run for their money. A bonus DVD includes four videos, the "Ten Wheels" documentary and additional audio tracks, including solo work from former Samples Jeep and Andy Sheldon.

December 04, 2004
"Very Best Of" gets high marks from JamBands, spins on RadioIo Jam and Eclectic stations..
The positive reviews of The Samples' "Very Best Of" CD/DVD are coming in - here's a great piece by JamBands.com. You can also hear songs from the new album on radioio.com's Radio Jam and Eclectic on-line streams.

November 17th, 2004
Correct Version of "My Town" posted on-line for "Very Best Of" buyers
Due to a production error, the incorrect version of the song "My Town" is featured on the first batch of "Very Best Of The Samples: 1989-1994." Not to worry. We posted the correct version on a secret web page. The "Very Best Of.." DVD contains a link to this page. The song is posted in both MP3 and AIFF formats.

November 11th, 2004
New Samples Message Board
Click here to share your thoughts on the new "Very Best Of: 1989-1994" album.

Septemeber 7th, 2004
Exclusive I-Tunes EP coming September 14th
Check out I-Tunes on September 14th for an exclusive 4 song EP, featuring "Always Out of Reach," a previously unreleased song from the 1989 "Blue Album" sessions.

Septemeber 7th, 2004

Welcome to our brand-new Samples site
Be sure to check out the discography section, for a complete listing of all Samples and Samples related recordings, including a large sampling of MP3s, and check back for more info on the upcoming audio / video collection, "Very Best Of The Samples"