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June 30th, 2008: Bill Burr's Podcast is Hilarious.
Looking to waste 20 minutes of your Monday every week? Aren't we all? Check out Bill Burr's Monday morning podcast to hear Bill rant on everything going on in his life and answer questions form his well of faithful listeners. Listen on Bill's myspace page or on itunes.

May 13th, 2008: David Wilcox on the Road!
David Wilcox begins his southeast tour tomorrow in Tennesee. Make sure you check him out when he comes to your town! Click here for all the dates.

April 21st, 2008: Pitchfork on Fancey
Good things come to those who wait. We all know the saying holds true for ketchup, it looks like it does for record reviews too. Check out Pitchfork's review of Fancey's "Schmancey" here.

April 7, 2008: Buy WKUK Season 2 on Itunes!
The new season of The Whitest Kids U' Know has been off the charts funny. Don't have the IFC channel? Good news is you can download the episodes from itunes.

April 3rd, 2008: Evil Monkey Man, New record from Yazbek!
WAR? Alumni and neo-Broadway songsmith David Yazbek has a great new record out, "Evil Monkey Man", that is getting great reviews from all over the place. Specifically here and here. Go over to Yazbek's homepage to hear some tracks and show some love

March 19th, 2008: These United States' "A Picture of the Three of Us At The Gate To The Garden Of Eden" now available in FLAC!
Audophiles rejoice at our online store!

March 12th, 2008 Catch These United States on Tour
Jesse Elliot and his band of hairy pranksters are touring our fair country. Catch their grand experiment in a town near you. Get the fantastic new album here. Hear what NPR has to say here.

February 18th, 2008: Bill Triumphant on Letterman

February 13th, 2008: Bill Burr to appear on Letterman show Friday night with Charles Barkley.
Bill Burr will be returning to the David Letterman show on Friday 2/15. Also on the show is the Round Mound of Rebound, Charles Barkley. Check those local listings!

February 5th, 2008: The Whitest Kids U' Know Now $9.99
In celebration of the premiere of Season 2 on IFC and this, we have slashed prices on The Whitest Kids U' Know's debut album. Buy it for 9.99 from our online store!

January 30, 2008: Stephen Lynch #11 on Stand Up Showdown Countdown
Mr. Lynch's new special placed #11 on the Stand Up Showdown Countdown this weekend on Comedy Central. Not bad considering the special only aired once previously. Check out a youtube clip here.

January 9, 2008: Stephen Lynch to Premiere Second Comedy Central Special January 11th!
That's right, you heard right. Check your local listings.

January 3rd, 2008: The Whitest Kids U' Know Season 1 on DVD!
Season 1 of The Whitest Kids U' Know is available for pre order on Amazon.com. This should tie every one over until the second season airs on IFC beginning February 10th.

December 10th, 2007: House of Lare Sizes Reunion Shows!
The What Are Records? offices got word last week that our favorite band from Iowa, House of Large Sizes, is reuniting for 4 holiday shows in the midwest. Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for Mom. How about tickets to one of the shows? See the dates here. Check out a free mp3 here

November 16th, 2007: Bill Burr and Stephen Lynch at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival This Weekend!
If you're in Vegas make sure you make it out to Caesar's this weekend for the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. Both Bill Burr and Stephen Lynch will be holding it down Saturday night. Learn more here and here.

November 12th, 2007: Fancey featured on the Chillcast!
AnjiBee's great podcast, The Chillcast recently featured Fancey's "Fader" on her Americana Dream Pop episode. Take a listen here. Buy Fancey's new record "Schmancey" here.

November7th, 2007: What Are Records? 100% Wind Powered!
What Are Records? is getting close to finsihing up our first year being 100% wind-powered. And it feels GREAT. Learn more abouw wind power here.

November 6th, 2007: New WKUK Skit!
"Air Dry" from Season 2. Its Hilarious. Check it out.

November 5th, 2007: Whitest Kids Season 2 Premieres February 10th on IFC!
Take a gander at the all new WKUK page at IFC. Oh yeah, there is an album too!

October 29, 2007: vaginawaterpark
What Are Records? and vaginawaterpark are joining forces to conquer the world. Come on in the water's warm.

October 29, 2007: Witches Night free all Halloween Week!
Turns out New Pornographer and solo artist Todd Fancey's a huge fan of Halloween, so we're making it a special day. First off, we're giving away one of our favorite songs from his new album "Schmancey," the appropriately themed "Witches Night," all week long right here. It's the story of a young male haunted by an evil ex-girlfriend, so we're guessing a few of you out there can more than relate. Simply head over to www.WhatAreRecords.com and click the download link.

October 26, 2007: Comedian Drum Off on XM This Weekend
This weekend Bill Burr and Joe DeRosa face off in a live drum off on their XM Radio show Uninfomred. World Series? Forget it, this is where the real action is.

October 26, 2007: Great Fancey Review
The Boston Herald folks know the score. Check out a really cool article on Fancey and the new record Schmancey. Tip your bartender here.

October 11: 2007: Levinhurst Plays LA Tonight
That is correct folks, The Levinhurst tour comes to a triumphant conclusion tonight at the Good Hurt in LA. Head onb over to Levinhurst's myspace page to catch tour updates and a cool photo diary. So f you live in LA get out there, tell your friends, suport good music! Levinhurst has a new album, Learn more here.

October 9, 2007: Bill Burr Interview on Mo!
Bill Burr was recently interviewd on the Mo! comedy blog. He discusses the finer things in life such as his ambitions, hecklers, and whores. Speaking of Comedy Blogs, check out or new Comedy Blog.

October 3rd, 2007: The Ocean Blue Waterworks EP Available Now!
We are happy to release the pride of Hershey, PA, The Ocean Blue's, Waterworks EP on our online store as well as all other digital outlets. Learn more about The Ocean Blue here.

October 2, 2007: Levinhurst Tour Starts Tonight!
The long anticipated Levinhurst tour, the first in support of their album House By The Sea, starts tonight. Check out all the dates here.

September 24, 2007: Missing Person, Please Help.
Click here for more info. Thank you.

September 17, 2007: Bill Burr Mondays
The best way to start your week is with the Bill Burr Podcast. Bill records a new podcast every monday and posts it here. Come to think of it, its less a podcast and more Bill ranting as he drives around Los Angeles or wherever he may be. Don't forget about Bill's new CD Emotionally Unavailable.

September 6, 2007: Befriend Fancey
Due to some myspace wackiness Fancey lost his old myspace profile page and in the process all his myspace friends. Rather than sit in a corner and sulk Fancey has created a brand new profile page. Go check it out at myspace.com/fanceymusic and be his new friend. There are also some streaming tunes from Fancey's brand new and totally wonderful record Schmancey.

September 5, 2007: Fancey Schmancey
We are really really really excited and proud to announce the release of Fancey's sophomore record appropriately entitled Schmancey. The album will be available here in the next couple weeks. For now wet your whistle with a mp3 of the lead track Lost in Twilight. Fancey will be on tour supporting the New Pornographers this fall. Check out all the dates here.

August 30, 2007: Announcing WhatAreRecords.com/Comedy
If you haven't noticed we have amassed quite the comedy roster here. We are proud to announce a new home for Comedians on What Are Records? WhatAreRecords.com/Comedy has all the latest news, downloads and hard to find videos from Stephen Lynch, The Whitest Kids U' Know, Bill Burr, and Felicia Michaels. What are you waiting for Check it out.

August 28, 2007: Bill Burr Comedy Central Special to air this weekend.
Keep your TV tuned to Comedy Central this weekend to catch Bill Burr's half hour special. It is set to air at 10:45pm, between specials by Louis CK and Jim Norton. Surely, three of the funniest guys around. Also check out a free download from Bill's Emotionally Unavailable: Expanded Edition here.

August 23, 2007: Bill Burr's Emotionally Unavailable: Expanded Edition Available Here! Now!
We are extremely thrilled to add one our favorite stand up comedians, Bill Burr, to our ever growing Comedy roster. Bill Burr is one of the finest standups working today. You may have seen him on HB0, Comedy Central, Chappelle's Chow, or heard him as a regular contributor to the Opie and Anthony Radio show. We have reissued Bill's classic debut album Emotionally Unavailable with 20 minutes of previously unreleased material. Listen to and download a free mp3 here. Check out up to date news from Bill and our other comedians at our brand new comedy page!

August 16, 2007 Levinhurst featured in NUVO!
The Indianapolis alternative papaer NUVO has highlighted Levinhurst in this week's edition. Read it here.

August 8, 2007: David Wilcox on Tour
David Wilcox has his plate full with tour dates all over the country in the coming months. David is great live, don't miss him!

August 7. 2007: Lynch to tape second Comedy Central Special
Stephen Lynch will be taping his second Comedy Centaral Special on August 23rd. Stay tuned to Stephen's message board and What Are Records for the latest.

August 1, 2007: Levinhurst Tour Dates Coming Together
Tour Dates are starting to materialize for the upcoming Levinhurst tour. Check them out here.

July 30, 2007: Longevity
We know something about longevity and consistency here at the What Are Records headquarters. Keeping it going for 16 years is no small feat for an independent label. Thats why we were thrilled to see the induction of Cal Ripken Jr. into the baseabll Hall of Fame this weekend. Sppeaking of The Iron Man check out this and this. Look here for what we have accomplished in our 16 years.

July 24, 2007: W.A.R.? Headquarters get a facelift!
Check out the pictures here.

July 23, 2007: Levinhurst to Tour!
evinhurst featuring, founding The Cure member Lol Tolhurst ,will be embarking on a tour this October. Keep your eyes peeled to What Are Records and Levinhurst.com for more information and dates.

July 11. 2007: Whitest Kids move to IFC!
The Whitest Kids U' Know will have a new home for the second season of their critically acclaimed and immensely popular show. IFC will have the honors of airing season 2 which will begin taping soon. Read the article in Variety here. Check out a free mp3 from the Whitest Kids debut album here.

July 9, 2007: Trevor Moore talks about WKUK Season 2!
Trevor Moore recently talked with the Deseret News about all things Whitest Kids including what they have in store for season 2. Check it out here.

July 6, 2007: 24-7 Spyz Interview
The Talking Metal Podcast is featuring the 24-7 Spyz in their latest episode. Check out the What Are Records Spyz catalog here.

June 20, 2007: Intern Brian's mp3 pick of the week
Our jack of all trades intern Brian would like everyone to take this moment to check out his favorite song of the week, House of Large Sizes' "Lightning Rod Salesman". The whole House of Large Sizes catalogue can be found here. Email Brian to tell him what you think.

June 19, 2007: Levinhurst Podcast
Head on over to Levinhurst's myspace page for the first edition of the Levinhurst pocast. Don't forget to check out Levinhurst's sophomore album 'House By The Sea' here.

June 12, 2007: The Whitest Kids U' Know in The Village Voice
There was recently a big article on everyone's favorite sketch comedy troupe in the Village Voice. Read it here. And while you are at it buy the new Whitest Kids album here.

June 11, 2007: Fancey to play dates with The New Pornographers
Todd Fancey will be doing double duty on the upcoming New Pornographers tour. In addition to Fancey opening up 7 dates of the tour his 'other' band will be headlining each night. Get tourdates here . Check out an mp3 from Fancey's criminally underlooked debut album here.

June 8, 2007: Celebrate Fathers's Day with What Are Records?
Head on over to WhatAreRecords.com/DAD for an online Father's day card with Stephen Lynch and The Whitest Kids U' Know.

June 7, 2007: The Chillcast Levinhurst Feature
Anji Bee's Podcast , "The Chillcast", will be doing a feature on Levinhurst airing June 18th. Listen for a chance to win a copy of Levinhurst's 'House By The Sea'

June 4, 2007: With a Digital Fist!
You guessed it. Jeep's 1996 solo debut 'With a Fist' is now available on our online store. As always our mp3 downloads are DRM free!

May 30, 2007: A new tune from Fancey's other band
Fancey's other band, The New Pornographers, (ever heard of 'em?) have leaked an mp3 off their upcoming album. Check out Fancey on the road with the New Pornographers this fall.

May 18, 2007: Velvet Underground vs. The Swayback
Eric from The Swayback just sent us over an unexpected morsel of audio goodness, a Swayback cover of "Waiting For The Man." This just made my Friday. Hear it here. Youtube has a great stripped down version of this song performed by Lou Reed and John Cale.

May 15, 2007: The Whitest Kids U' Know picked up for a second season on fuse tv!!!
Cult heroes/fuse tv stars/karaoke superheroes The Whitest Kids U' Know have been picked up for another 10 episode season on fuse tv. It looks like the new season will start this fall! Oh yeah, The Whitest Kids have a new album here. Haven't seen the show? Watch some clips from the critically acclaimed first season.

May 14, 2007: Stephen Lynch Tours Europe!
European Lynch fans, The wait is over. Stephen Lynch will be playing 5 shows in Europe this summer. Check out the dates here!

May 11, 2007: Levinhurst Review
Frequent visitors to the site know all about Levinhurst's sophomore effort 'House By The Sea'. Word is now spreading in the blogosphere. Check out a great review here! Visit the official Levinhurst Site.

May 9, 2007: The Whitest Kids U' Know featured on CollegeHumor.com
CollegeHumor.com recently interviewed Zack from The Whitest Kids U' Know. Check out the interview here. And of course a collegehumor clip of a parents weekend gone tremendously wrong here. Check out The Whitest Kids debut album while you're at it.

May 8, 2007: Glenn Tilbrook reunites with Squeeze!
What Are Records recording artist Glenn Tilbrook has reunited with old bandmates Squeeze. Squeeze plans to perform on both sides of the Atlantic this Summer. Check out Glenn's WAR? release The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook here.

May 3, 2007: Fancey at The Railway Club in Vancouver May 11th
Fancey (Todd Fancey of The New Pornographers) will be bringing his summer sparkle to Vancouver's Railway Club on May 11th. Go check it out. Grab a free mp3 from Fancey's criminally underlooked debut here.

May 2, 2007: David Wilcox on the radio!
David Wilcox is in the thick of a West Coast tour. To promote these shows he will be doing a few radio appearances. Listen for David on KRSH at 3:30pm on Thursday, and KVMR at 2:00pm on Friday. Not in California? Click on the station links to listen online. All times are Pacific.

April 30, 2007: Habla Espanol? Levinhurst?
The Spanish Cure fan site HispaCure just published an interview with Lol Tolhurst discussing the release of 'House By The Sea'. Lucky for me and all other non-Spanish speakers the interview is translated. Check it out in .pdf format here!

April 26, 2007: Joberg & Gurner - A Taste Of The Dirty Sanchez MP3s
Maybe you caught Stephen Lynch on his current tour and said to yourself, "Who is Stephen Lynch's new buddy and where can I get some of his music?" Well friends, that buddy is David Josefsberg and you can download his "A Taste of the Dirty Sanchez" here. The album features the live classics 'The Dirty Sanchez' and 'Cream of Wife in My Beard'.

April 25, 2007: The Swayback on line and in Boulder!
The Swayback are set to bring their face melting art school meets city bleak rock to Boulder's favorite drinking hole The Sundown Saloon aka The Downer on May 3rd. They will also be performing live in the Radio 1190 studios at 4pm on May 4th. Listen online here. Check out The Swayback's Forewarned EP. Don't live in Colorado? Book your flight now!

April 23, 2007: The Whitest Kids U' Know on Youtube!
Everyone's favorite fuse tv, What Are Records deviants have their own channel on youtube. In addition to some of the fuse clips you can also check out the on stage sketches that started it all! Oh yeah, The Whitest Kids have a hilarious album available here!

April 18, 2007: This Day in Rock and Roll History.
Couldn't resist adding this one. Today is the 14th anniversay of David Lee Roth getting arrested in Washington Square Park buying 5$ of marijuana. Way to stay classy Diamond Dave!

April 17, 2007: David Wilcox files up the bio-deisel truck and hits the road.
Next week David Wilcox will embark on a two week jaunt that will see him hit all the major west coast markets. Check out tour dates.

April 16, 2007: David Wilcox's etown performance to air the week of April 25th!
David Wilcox's performance on etown will be nationally broadcasted between April 25th and May 1st. Visit etown.org to find your local etown affilliate. David performed a few new tunes as well as a bunch of songs from his latest album Vista all backed by the E-Tones, etown's fantastic houseband featuring Hot Rize's Nick Forster.

April 13, 2007: Levinhurst's 'House By The Sea' now available at our online store.
Until April 30th everyone that purchases of Levinhursts 'House By The Sea' from our online store will receive an autographed copy of the album. What are you waiting for? Act Now!

April 13: 2007: The Samples Tan Mule now available digitally.
Previously available only as a collector's package The Samples Tan Mule is now available in mp3 format from our online store. Warning: Although this is a beloved collection of classic Samples tracks this might not be a wise choice for elitist hipsters.

April 12, 2007: Levinhurst's 'House By The Sea' available Tuesday.
Make sure to go out Tuesday and pick up your copy of 'House By The Sea'. Listen to an mp3 here. Watch an old school video of The Cure here.

April 10, 2007: Demand The Whitest Kids to play your town.
Go to our Whitest Kids U' Know page and click on the blue box to be directed to eventful.com and demand The Whitest Kids to play your town! Tell your friends to visit the page too and you might get your town a Whitest Kids show.

April 9, 2007: Reggae On The Rocks collection now available digitally.
For three years What Are Records was at the legendary reggae festival to capture the best moments and bring them to you. Featuring Toots, Culture, Israel Vibrations, The Wailers and many more. A must have for any reggae fan. Check it here.

April 6, 2007: Fancey in the studio with The New Pornographers
Todd Fancey and The New Pornographers are back in the studio recording the followup to their 2005 smash 'Twin Cinema'. In a recent Pitchfork interview New Porns leader AC Newman even called Fancey the "secret weapon on this record." Check out Fancey's fantastic debut album here.

April 5, 2007: Yazbek and his Warmest Regards
David Yazbek and the Warmest Regards will make a rare concert appearance playing a lot of weird new songs at Joe's Pub in NYC on May 10th. Click here for more info. Do yourself a favor and pick up a free mp3 from Yazbek's 'best of' release Tape Recorder.

April 2, 2007: Lynch Destroys Colorado.
Stephen Lynch rolled into Colorado on Friday night and Team What Are Records was there in full force. As was to be expected Mr. Lynch brought the house down. A personal highlight was the new tunes he sang with his Broadway buddy David Josefberg. If anyone didn't know what a dirty sanchez was before the show they sure do now. Go out and see Stephen play live.

March 28th, 2007: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tim Finn.
The Jefito Blog has compiled a stunningly comprehensive look at Tim Finn's solo career and had great things to say about 'Say It Is So' and 'Feeding The Gods'. Don't forget to visit our mp3 page for a free track from each one of our 100+ releases.

March 27th, 2007: What Are Records boldly travels to the near past..
by finally getting our own RSS feed. Subscribe and you'll know all the latest for all our bands.

click on that symbol or right here..

March 26th, 2007: The Whitest Kids U' Know take Manhattan.
Well, the newspapers anyway. See their weekend articles in the New York Times and the New York Post.

March 19th, 2007: Release Date set for Levinhurst's 'House By The Sea:"
Being hailed as an electronic version of The Cure's classic 'Pornography', 'House By The Sea' will hit stores and online retailers nationwide on April 17th. Can't wait? Here's a sneak peak!

August 25th, 2006: David Wilcox performs in Studio C today!
David will be performing on KBCO's Studio C out of Boulder, Colorado
today at 12:30 MST. Listen on-line here

August 24th, 2006: Maceo to Join Medeski Martin And Wood at Vegoose.
Maceo Parker will be joining MMW on stage at Vegoose this Holloween weekend in
Las Vegas. Other Artists include Tom Petty, Widespread Panic, Keller Williams,
Fiona Apple and Ben Folds. Tickets and information can be found here
August 21th, 2006: Joseph Hill of reggae group Culture dies at 57.
KINGSTON, Jamaica, Aug. 20 -- Joseph Hill, lead vocalist and songwriter for the
roots-reggae group Culture, died on Saturday. He was 57. See the full story here.
Culture contributed the song International Herb to the 1998 W.A.R.? release
Reggae On The Rocks: Live & Direct. Download the MP3 here.

August 18th, 2006: Newest addition the the Reitsma family!
Former W.A.R.rior, Jillian Reitsma and her husband Ted are proud to announce
the newest addition to their family, Farrah Jill Reitsma! She was born on 7/20/2006.
Congrulations Jilly and Tedzo!

April 4th, 2006: The What Are Records? store is back up
You can visit it right here..