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You can hear the music coming out the 1890’s Victorian house at 2113 Broderick St. anytime – morning or night. Located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, the house where Luce (pronounced loose) was formed has been harboring musicians and artists for 50 years. While you may hear grand piano, violins, or singing, it’s just as likely you’ll hear the soaring, luscious rock melodies of Luce emanating from a basement studio. And now, you can hear Luce coming out of the radio or over the internet on KFOG, KRSH, KTBG and KBAC.

Luce came together three years ago when Tom Luce (singer/songwriter/guitarist) returned home to San Francisco from Greensboro, North Carolina, to tend to his sick father, Robert, who died of cancer Nov. 10, 1999. Tom moved into Charles Molle’s house on Broderick St. in ’98. Molle’s home was funded by an arts society and held fundraisers with classical music performances. It’s a place where magic lives in the musical angels that have flown through its rooms, playing to their hearts delight. For the last half century, Charles Molle, who was a violist with the San Francisco Symphony, opened his house to music. Just weeks after participating in the first Luce photo shoot, Molle died from natural causes on Nov.11, 2000. "It was ironic that Charles died one year and one day after my father," Tom said. "Charles saw the beauty and art in everything and in everyone. He opened up the doors of his house the same way he opened up his heart; everyone was always welcome."

It was in Molle’s house that Tom wrote the music for his first recording. With Tom and Adam Rossi producing, they were in and out of Bay Area recording studios with stellar musicians Steve Bowman (Counting Crows), Eric McCann (Clarence Clemons) and Jamie Brewer (Lisa Loeb) and others, as well as members of the San Francisco Symphony. It was labeled the Blue Sage Poets, a band name Tom dreamed of as a school kid, and features strings, horns and sampling, as well as Tom’s voice and harmonies. Song highlights include the metaphoric "Long Way Down," and the bouncy, horn-driven "Good Day," with the memorable line, "It’s a pretty good day, I’m looking forward to tomorrow." The album has beautifully haunting songs with great grooves, like "Electric Chair", "Numb", "Life" and "Sunniest Of Weekends." Guilty pleasures include "There, In The Middle" and "Bring Her In" that drip with sexual innuendo. The album is topped off with the poignant "Here" and "After Tomorrow", making the end as magnificent as the beginning.

"The songs on this album were all chosen because of their honesty," Tom acknowledges. "In the song ‘Life’, there is actually a man who stands on a corner holding a sign; I see him all the time. The tracks ‘Here’ and ‘Good Day’ are songs from my life; my best friend Dan and I paint houses for money. My biggest goal with the music was to bring my life and friends into the songs. That way people get to look through a window and see into a part of my life that they may recognize in themselves. Or at least relate to it. After all, we’re all friends here."

With CD in hand, Luce put together his band, finding Brian Kroll (guitar, vocals), Larry Riggs (bass) and Jonathan Moe (drums, vocals). To complete the complex sounds on the CD, he added Kyle Wheeler (trumpet, keyboards) and convinced an old North Carolina bandmate, Rob Sharer (guitar, cello, violin, mandolin, keyboards, flute, vocals), to bring his multi talents back to the U..S. from Germany, where he had moved to continue his music career. While working out songs on the CD, the band has also been writing new songs.. Four, "Waiting," "Divine," "Mary In The Haight" and "Afterlife" have been a part of Luce’s exuberant live shows. "This band is focused and hungry," Tom exclaims. "There is nothing greater than people getting together for the same cause and sharing their musical ideas and enthusiasm with the world. That’s why we’re here."

The band’s members have launched themselves into a creative frenzy that makes them grateful to play live and ready to record the next album as a band. "What we have as a band is a fresh, raw, creative force that is very exciting," says Kroll. "The greatest strength in our writing is that we come from extremely diverse musical backgrounds, we’re open-minded, respectful and willing to try anything musically. When you combine that atmosphere with Tom’s incredible voice and gift of lyrical expression, you get amazing songs that are very real and very special in their diversity and honesty.. It’s insane. I love this band."



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