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December 11th, 2007
House of Large Sizes Returns! First Shows Since 2003! First Ever Best Of!

"They have a succinct dadaist approach to contemporary power trio dynamics"

-Joe Carducci
"Rock & the Pop Narcotic"

House of Large Sizes was put together by three University of Northern Iowa students in Cedar Falls, IA back in 1986. Their stacato, stop/drop and roll, where the-hell-are-we-going-next song writing strategies quickly gained them a live audience in Iowa, the midwest and pockets through out the US. They somehow made a cohesive whole of their influences: the Pixies, the Minutemen, X and (who woulda thunk it) early Aerosmith and AC/DC. Records were made for a wide range of labels including tiny Tucson, AZ based Toxic Shock, What Are Records, and the mega big Columbia. Shows were played with Cheap Trick, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Flaming Lips, Frank Black and a lot of other bands you probably never heard of. When HOLS was firing on all cylinders, jumping up and down on a stage near you, there was undeniably something unique and very powerful in evidence. That "something" ended in 2003 when Dave and Barb (husband/wife, guitar/bass) decided to stop after 17 years.

After a 4 year abscence the band has decided to get back together. HOLS will play four shows leading up to New Year's Eve.

December Itinerary:

Friday Dec. 28 Iowa City, IA The Picador
Saturday Dec. 29 Des Moines, IA People's Court
Sunday December 30 Minneapolis, Mn The Triple Rock
Monday December 31 Cedar Falls, IA The Reverb

More show info @ houseoflargesizes.net

Band Members:

Dave Deibler Guitar & Vocals
Barb Schilf Bass & Vocals
Brent Hanson Drums & Vocals

December 11th, 2007
About that Best-Of...

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. A little explanation about this selection of songs. I've picked these because they survived the recording process. I'll be honest, capturing us in the studio has been a bit of a challenge. Yeah, I know there's a lot from the last HOLS (self titled) record. See what you think:

1 1/2 on a Hill
Green is the Ground
Bankrupt in Hoven
I'm my own Grandpa
Two Liter Man
Pincher Martin
School is a Drag
Trees make the Wind
Lightning Rod Salesman
The History of Camoflauge
Heat Miser
Ball Dropper
Carpool Lung
Cranko American
Pig No Swig

Not So Long Ago

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"Lighting Rod Salesman"

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