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The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook

This Is Where You Ain't  
Parallel World  
One Dark Moment  
G.S.O.H. Essential  
Up The Creek  
Other World  
Interviewing Randy Newman  
You See Me  
I Won't See You  
We Went Thataway  
bonus tracks:  
One Dark Moment (acoustic version)  
This is Where You Ain't
('now that's what I call now, mate' version)
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Parallel World


released: 2001

"One clever Brit under a groove. Tilbrook's hook-laden, uncanny melodies are sung in his signature style. You'll laugh, you'll cry--and you can dance to it."

"Why settle up for dried-up dollops of '80's nostalgia when the front guy from Squeeze is still cooking up fresh batches of pop meringue?"
- Fortune Magazine

  For a full Glenn Tilbrook discography, including his work with Squeeze, you can visit www.squezefan.com.