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The unmistakable golden voice of Squeeze, Glenn Tilbrook, is back with his
debut solo album, The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook. Incomplete, full of catchy
hooks and pop melodies, is the logical progression from Squeeze, which he
co-founded with Chris Difford in 1973 and subsequently released 13 albums.
Their first hit single, "Take Me I'm Yours," came in 1978 and was followed
by a steady stream of hits, many of which have entered the canon of pop
folklore, including, "Black Coffee in Bed," "Pulling Mussels (From The
Shell)" and "Tempted." Along the way Tilbrook and Squeeze have become
identified with a particularly London-oriented style of high quality pop
song that bears comparison with the classic works of the Beatles and The

Born in Woolwich, Southeast London, Tilbrook has been smitten with music
ever since his Mum took him to see Cliff Richard in the film "Summer
Holiday". As he describes it: "Any ideas I may have had of pursuing the
more traditional career options of a five year old, such as a policeman or
fireman, went out of the window. Being in a band, travelling around
in a double-decker bus, stopping at a beach somewhere and being surrounded
by adoring fans as you played a tune or two, looked too good to me to
consider anything else. Fortunately, I never changed my mind."
Growing up in the 60s with an older brother who was a keen fan of the
Rolling Stones, The Who and Small Faces, the young Tilbrook had to take a
different position and so favoured the Monkees and the Beatles. Later there
was some common ground with the American soul and blues artists on the Motown and Stax labels. Undoubtedly, the music that Tilbrook absorbed throughout this
most fertile period in pop history has served as his biggest influence as a

Glenn has recorded with countless legends over the years, among them Elvis
Costello, Robyn Hitchcock, Aimee Mann and Mark Knopfler. Additionally,
numerous Squeeze songs have been afforded the ultimate tribute?being covered
by other artists, such as Joe Cocker and Sting. Tilbrook has also
demonstrated his musical talents behind the mixing board
as he produced Nick Harper1s Smithereens album in 1997. It was later
released on Tilbrook's newly formed Quixotic Records label.
Now Tilbrook has finally decided the time is right to release his own solo
record. Of course, Incomplete is anything but?rather it is an album of
beautiful harmonies wrapped in classic Tilbrook pop. Incomplete is a well
crafted masterpiece that is undeniably fresh and completely Glenn Tilbrook.



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