"DOG IN THE SAND" Nominated For "Album Of The Year"

Frank Black and The Catholics' latest album, "DOG IN THE SAND," has been nominated as Best Rock Album Of The Year for the 2002 AFIM Indie Awards.

The Indie Awards were conceived in 1978 to recognize artistic excellence among member independent labels and distributors.  For more information on the AFIM Indie Awards, visit their site at http://www.afim.org

So, Who's Frank Black's Hero?
In celebration of their 100th issue, the excellent Mojo Magazine from overseas asked 100 of their favorite rock and roll icons just who their heroes were. Frank Black was one of those chosen to contribute, and appear on the cover, and as you can see, he selected Iggy Pop as his hero.

In a personally written tribute, Frank credits Iggy as the catalyst for his own musical career. "Once I heard his records it was - that's it, I'm doing it." There's plenty more. Find out what else Frank had to say about Mr. Pop by picking up a copy of Mojo #100.

Interestingly enough, Frank starts a chain of respect in this matter; you can also find out who Iggy chose, and then who that hero chose...

As Promised, More 2001 "Best Of" Listings
Frank got listed on too many "Best Of 2001" lists to fit in the story that appeared on our main news page last week, so here's the rest of the list:

The Boston Sunday Globe - "The Years Best CDs" by Joan Anderman
"Dog in the Sand" by Frank Black and The Catholics
"The former Pixie's twisted perspective and flair for skewed beauty is refracted through the lens of a homeowner with a two-car garage. Indie rock all grown up."

University of Wisconsin Daily Cardinal - "Cardinal Picks the Best of 2001"
by Jacob Milhans - #12: Frank Black and The Catholics, "Dog in the Sand"
"This is Frank's most inspired, engaging effort since 1994's Teenager of the Year . Still quirky after all these years..."

Magnet Magazine "The 2001 Year in Music - The 20 Best Albums of 2001"
Frank Black and The Catholics "Dog in the Sand"
"After his exodus formthe Pixies, St. Francis wandered along the littered shoulders of pop/punk highways for ten years, and when he reached the desert his stripped away all the pretense fromhis songs. Dog in the Sand is pure manna. Recorded live to two track, it draws dusty energy from the Stones and liquid weltschmerz from the pedal steel, making it a new covenant with classic rock and roll."

GQ Magazine: "Faranheit Critiques: The Ten Best CD's of 2001"
#2: Frank Black and The Catholics, "Dog in the Sand"
"The ex-pixies Spaceman falls to earth and delivers the best pure rock album of the year."





new photos!

Frank Black live, March 2001 in The Netherlands (Zwolle) by
Alwin Wubben @ The Hedon