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November 30th, 2007

Fancey on Mania TV
Todd recently stopped by Mania TV's The Daily Indie for an interview and a quick perfomance. Check out the youtube goods.



October 27th, 2007
"Todd Fancey's Terrifying Halloween Interweb Tour" - this Wednesday on me.dium.com

Turns out New Pornographer and solo artist Todd Fancey's a huge fan of Halloween, so we're making it a special day. First off, we're giving away one of our favorite songs from his new album "Schmancey," the appropriately themed "Witches Night," all week long right here. It's the story of a young male haunted by an evil ex-girlfriend, so we're guessing a few of you out there can more than relate.

Then, Todd's going to host the first ever "Terrifying Halloween Interweb Tour." More than your typical on-line chat session, thanks to me.dium.com, everyone who participates can simultaneously check out the websites and youtube clips that Todd frequents. In other words, you're gonna get a guided tour through Todd's world. Scary? Terrifying? Creepy? Only in the best, most fun way possible.

The "Terrifying Tour" is a unique chance to get to know more about Todd's work in the studio and on the road with the New Pornographers, and to check out his thoughts on his dazzling new solo record "Schmancey."

We'll also travel far outside the indie pop world. You see, Todd's a not-so-closeted metalhead. So, there's also gonna be a "Zeppelin Vs. Sabbath" debate, we'll touch on the Ace Frehley's scarily funny appearance on the Tom Snyder show with the rest of his Kiss bandmates in '79, and discuss Angel Witch, Witchfinder General and Venom.

Of course, you're free to bring your own topics and questions to the party. All treats, no tricks. I think I'm out of cliches. Hope to see you there. Visit http://www.me.dium.com at 4 PM EST on the 31st to participate.

October 22nd, 2007
"Schmancey" Available For Sale Digitally and in glorious digipak-encased CDs now..

Now you can buy the whole album either way you want, right here

September 13th, 2007
"Schmancey" Available For Sale Digitally NOW - CD's coming soon..

I think we set a company record, and it was worth it - check out the mastered version of "Lost In Twilight" to the right, and you can buy the whole album right here.. The CDs should be ready in mid-October.

September 4th, 2007
Fancey's "Schmancey" Album Arrives / Tour Coming Up Soon!

Don't you love all the extra mail you get after a long weekend? Well, we're particularly thrilled this Tuesday, because the brand new album by Fancey just showed up. It's called "Schmancey," and it's pretty damn amazing.

If all goes well, you should be able to hear the whole thing for yourself by September 14th.

That same day, bandleader Todd Fancey starts a serious indie-rock double duty tour. He'll be opening the show with Fancey, and then roaming stage left behind his Gibson Explorer with his other long-time band, The New Pornographers.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, raised as a student of 70's AM Radio, and also a closet metalhead, Fancey's music can most simply described as "soft rock that rocks," but be careful not to oversimplify, because there's a lot going on here, as evidenced by the reviews for their debut album:

"a varied, always melodic, and an often breathtaking tour through '70s pop and more recent indie pop" - AllMusic.com

"That pop music can be feel-good without being saccharine seems to be a point in need of reminder. Leaving a Post-It on the fridge is Todd Fancey, with his breezy, blue-sky debut. "Carry Me" layers sun-drenched Beach Boys' harmonies, bouncy Wurlitzer and the requisite escapist lyrics about leaving town or going into outer space." - Rolling Stone

So how does "Schmancey" compare to this? On first listen, things seem a bit darker, with a greater range of styles and moods in evidence. Lead-off track "Lost In Twilight," currently available at WhatAreRecords.com, recalls the uptempo summer pop of the first album, but from there we're quickly off into the dreamy, almost woozy "Gulf Breeze" and the country-tinged lament "Fader." We're also particularly enthralled by the contributions of Todd's ex-girlfriend, Sara Lapsley, a key member of the band's continuing partnership, who shines on the gorgeous fade-out of "Let The Breeze In."

Even the title is great - "Schmancey." Yeah, I know, if you had a band named Fancey you'd probably think you'd be smart enough to call your album that, too..


September 13, 2006
Welcome Back Mr. Fancey
Todd Fancey is working the graveyard shift of rock.  As guitarist in The New Pornographers, he has been flying around North America and Europe in support of “"Twin Cinema"” for over a year straight.   In the rare down time he finds time for his personal passion...recording Fancey's untitled sophomore album.
Working all hours during the scattered seasons, Todd has been hammering out a follow up to 2004's Fancey.  In the darker moments Todd has questions.  “"Sometimes I look over at my Corvette and ask ‘'Is it all worth it?' Then I hear that engine fire up and say ‘'Yes, yes it is.' That engine talks to me.”"
Fancey has been tagged as “"soft rock that rocks"” and it is a fairly apt description if you add some summer sparkle.  But the new album sounds a little heavier, a little more evil.  Covering such topics as romance, nuclear power, death and pet medication, this new album has something for...some people.
Todd has put together a great band and Fancey will be road testing a few new songs in Boston at the Nemo Festival on September 29th at Bill's Bar as part of the ASCAP showcase.  Fancey will also be playing some dates around CMJ in early November including November 3rd at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY.

June 02, 2004
Rolling Stone praises "Fancey"
Fancey - Fancey (March)
"That pop music can be feel-good without being saccharine seems to be a point
in need of reminder. Leaving a Post-It on the fridge is Todd Fancey, with
his breezy, blue-sky debut. Fancey, the ex-keyboardist and guitarist for the
New Pornographers, mellows that band's upbeat pop and brightens its
sometimes dark lyrics, letting his solo album bask in the glow of Seventies
AM pop radio. "Carry Me" layers sun-drenched Beach Boys' harmonies, bouncy
Wurlitzer and the requisite escapist lyrics about leaving town or going into
outer space. Fellow Pornographer Kurt Dahle is on hand to add a quirky drum
intro on "Rock and Roll Rhythm," Sara Wheeler duets on the wistful,
nostalgic "Autumn Music" and Charlie Hayes puts the (steel) pedal to the
floor on the alt-countryish "In Town." At just over thirty minutes, Fancey
is just enough sunny exuberance to leave you a nice golden brown."


March 24th, 2004
"Fancey" now available for sale
Our partner March Records brings you Fancey, ready to ship right now, right here

February 25th, 2004
Here the first single from Fancey
Visit the discography page to hear "Rock and Roll Rhythm"

February 25th, 2004
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"Gulf Breeze"


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