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What Are Records? / David Wilcox

New album "Blaze" to be released February 25, 2013

Preorder the album now!

We're happy to announce the upcoming release of David Wilcox's new CD "blaze" on February 25, 2014. We've put some fun packages together for you to pre-order, before the record release - t-shirts, lyric sheets, even a private lesson or a private show. You'll be the first to get the new record, and you'll be helping us to launch Blaze in the best possible way, to help get David's music out to the world.

"Reverie" available now in MP3, CD and FLAC formats at our store..

Reverie  was recorded in front of a live audience, but it's not a 'live' album;  it features all new songs, with no applause heard on the recording. It was done live to capture the energy of songs taking flight through many ears, minds, and hearts.

April 16th, 2009:
"Open Hand" available now in MP3, CD and FLAC formats, with free exclusive acoustic EP when you buy from our store..
that's right, when you buy the album, you'll automatically be offered a free 7 track mp3 download, only here at What Are Records? (why haven't you gone to the store yet?)

David Wilcox’s ‘Open Hand’ was recorded in 7 days from start to finish in December 2008 on 2 inch 16 track analog tape. No computer tricks were used, all of the songs on this release were recorded live, just 4 human beings playing music together. Very minimal overdubs were used, so most all of what you hear is exactly as it was played together by David and the other musicians live. Dan Phelps produced and played guitar and keyboard, Jon Evans: bass guitar and upright bass, James McAlister: drums and percussion.

‘Open Hand’ is David’s 16th release. Since he performs solo acoustic almost exclusively, he is able avoid the common 8 or 10 week tour, preferring instead to strike a balance between traveling for shows and being at home in Asheville NC with his family. It’s more than just a good balance for his life, he compares the two worlds of touring and creativity at home as being akin to the in breath and the out breath - inspiration and expression.

(you can read the complete bio here..)


February 18th, 2008
Preview a song from "Live At Workplay" here!


February 18th, 2008
New CD "Airstream" and new double DVD "Live At Workplay" Available Now!!
How's this for a double feature - first up, the new, stripped down album "Airstream." "Airstream" makes its distinctive musical and lyrical points with a range of contemporary styles, from folk balladry to acoustic soul and reggae. All could easily have inspired full-scale arrangements, but Wilcox chose to make a recording as intimate as his one-man shows - just his versatile baritone and agile guitar work.
“We decided to make this a voice-and-guitar record; even beautiful harmonies didn't make it to the mix,” David said. “The simple arrangements just worked best for this batch of songs.”

Then, the long-awaited "Live At Workplay" DVD. This is a 2 DVD set, with a full, unedited concert on Disc 1. Disc 2 is all bonus features, David talking about the stories behind the songs, some guitar how-to, a bit about how he gets his sound for all the gear heads out there and a very unique discussion of how he approaches songwriting - sort of a 'how-to' for aspiring songwriters, but its as much a 'why-to' as well.

So.. what are you waiting for - check them out here or just go straight to our store..

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